Recruitment Schedule

Instrument “Assembly” – Monday, August 27th
We will have a “Special Instrumental Music Assembly” to demonstrate all the instruments that are available for our 5th Graders to begin learning. The assembly will begin at approximately 8:00AM in the Nord Gym and will last approximately 30-45 minutes. At the assembly, we will demonstrate the instruments that will be available to rent. These instruments include but are not limited to: Flute, Clarinet, Alto Sax, Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion, Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass. French Horn or other color instruments may be a possibility for an above average student.

Instrument “Trials” – Tuesday and Wednesday, August 28th & 29th
We will do our best to “fit” every student during the school day with an instrument we feel he/she would be most successful on. This is just a recommendation to help some decide what may be best for them. Everyone will be encouraged to try at least two musical instruments. This assessment will determine each student’s (quick) ability on the instrument(s) of their choice. Students will immediately receive their results along with information to take home to parents about beginning on a musical instrument. On Wednesday, August 29th, we will have a meeting for anyone interested in playing percussion at 8AM in the Band Room. Interest in playing percussion does not exclude a student from taking the above assessment. Due to the high volume of interest, students wanting to play percussion will partake in a rhythm assessment Thursday morning at 8AM.

Parent “Information Meeting” – Thursday, August 30th
Please mark this date on your calendar. “Informational Meeting” for all parents and students will start at 6:30PM in the Nord Gymnasium. At this time, we will explain our beginning instrumental music programs in detail and a few representatives from local music stores will be present to answer questions about instrument rentals. At this meeting, you may enroll your child in their program of choice, be offered a chance to rent an instrument, and be given important information if you choose to find an instrument on your own. You will have up to a week to enroll your child in a program if you do not decide to sign up at the informational meeting.

School Group Music Lessons – Monday, September 10th
If you rented an instrument from a music store, we will ask to have them delivered to the school for the first week of lessons beginning on Monday September 10th.If you already have an instrument or choose to find one on your own, we ask that you also do so by this date. Students will then have one or more “group” lessons each week and then after a few weeks of instruction, will begin having several Full Ensemble rehearsals a week in the mornings as well.