2020-21 Tentative Band Camp Dates

Music Clinic – July 15th
Music Clinic – July 22nd
Drum Camp – July 20th-24th
3-a-day Band Camp – July 26th-31st
2-a-day Band Camp – August 3rd-7th
1-a-day Band Camp – August 11th, 12th, 13th
*Times for rehearsals will be on the April Schedule.


We may look somewhat the same, but the website has undergone a drastic behind the scenes change.  We currently designed it somewhat the same so you can be familiar with the pages. However, behind the scenes it is much different and will take some time to see some drastic changes in the design once we are comfortable with the new technology to create the page.   Please bare with us through these growing pains for our site.   

Currently, we are using the webpage for our student resources for their season’s music.  Otherwise, please use Facebook and information sent to your children via Google Classroom for more in-depth information.

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AMC Snapshots!

Want to look at pictures this season taken by all our talented parent photographers?   Click below for our AMC Facebook Photo Page for all the season’s pictures.