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As of 7/18/2020

The Amherst Marching Comets have moved to a “PLAN C” Band Camp.   Plan D will be “see you when school starts” if plan C gets delayed.   Since this was not originally scheduled to be the “full day” camp dates and you could now have potential conflicts, please let me know.   I am fully confident that we can work it out.   These times calls for different measures regarding things like this.

2020-21 “PLAN C” Band Camp Dates
Marching Percussion Camp
August 5-7 Marching Percussion  9-12PM & 1-4PM BYOL 
**see footnote #1
Band Camp Week
August 10-14 All Members  8-12PM & 1-5PM BYOL
**see footnotes #2 & #3
School Begins the following Week
#1 – Since there is a lot to do with auditions on top of music learning, having a morning and afternoon session would be imperative for the drumline.  In Plan C with 6 hours a day, we would get in at least 18 for the week.
#2 – Since this is only a week long rehearsal now, we will practice full band in the morning and afternoon with social distancing and band COVID protocols in place.   Students will bring their own lunches to practice for the day.   We still may rehearse in groups within the schedule sessions.  But it is very easy to social distance at 4 step spacing (7.5 feet) outside in drill block on the practice field.  
#3 – Since the week of August 10th is a change in the schedule, please let me know ASAP if you have a conflict and we will do our best to work it out.

Currently, we are using the webpage for our student resources for their season’s music.  Otherwise, please use Facebook and information sent to your children via Google Classroom for more in-depth information.

Thank you

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AMC Snapshots!

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