2018 OMEA State Marching Band Finals UPDATED!

Hilliard Bradley Stadium
October 27th, 2018

TENTATIVE Show Schedule
Band - Black Shoes, Pants, Band T-Shirt or Sweatshirt
Guard - Black Shoes, Warm-ups, Band T-Shirt or Sweatshirt
All - Garment Bag and Hat Box on the bus

10:30 AM Show begins!
12:30 PM Arrive at Steele High School
1:00 PM Depart Steele
4:00 PM Arrive at Hilliard Bradley High School Stadium

4:45 PM Prepare for warm-up  (Finish getting dressed on the bus)
5:15 PM Playing Warm-up and Rehearsal in area (Do not play until told”)
6:00 PM Band Line up and report to the Starting Gate
6:10 PM Starting Gate (Do not talk....Must not talk....BE Quiet!)

6:15 PM Enter the field for Competition
6:30 PM Our show ends (No talking and No playing!)
7:00 PM Award Ceremony-Drum Majors Only
7:15 PM Dinner provided by the Boosters: cost is $5 per student
8:15 PM Pack up and depart Hilliard Bradley
11:00 PM Arrive at Steele and Unload Truck

Our Band Block

5:30 PM B Rock Hill
5:45 PM A Tri-Valley
6:00 PM A Revere
6:15 PM AA Amherst Steele
6:30 PM AA Olentangy Liberty
6:45 PM AA Norwalk

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