Copley Marching Band Invitational

Copley High School
October 14th, 2017
Show Schedule

Band - Black Shoes, Pants, Band T-Shirt, Sweatshirt
Guard - Black Shoes, Uniform bottoms, Band T-Shirt, Sweatshirt
All - Garment Bag and Hat Box on the bus

3:30 PM Report to Steele
4:00 PM Depart Steele
5:00 PM Show begins!
5:30 PM Arrive at Copley High School Stadium

6:30 PM Prepare for warm-up
7:00 PM Playing Warm-up and Rehearsal in area "A" (Do not play until told)
7:40 PM Band Line up and report to the Starting Gate
7:50 PM Starting Gate (Do not talk....Must not talk....BE Quiet!)
8:00 PM Enter the field for Competition
9:30 PM Award Ceremony-Drum Majors Only
9:45 PM Pack up and depart Copley
@11:30 PM Arrive at Steele & unpack truck

In Competition

Black River (C)
Crestview (C)
Crestwood (A)
Cloverleaf (A)
St. Edward (A)
New Phili (A)
Revere (A)
Willoughby (AA)
Firestone (AA)
Amherst (AA)
Medina (AA)
N. Royalton (AA)
Copley (EX)

Directions to Copley

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